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Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof*

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1 Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:57 pm


Steelswarm Roach Leader
Hey guys, I love building decks for people Razz Here's a small list of what I can do.

Plants - 90 Neos - A good old build set to spam Plant-type monsters for whatever reason you may want to steer the deck towards.

Tengu Plants - 190 Neos - General competitive Tengu Plants. Crush your opponent through sheer numbers!

Plantsworns - 140 Neos - Plants and Lightsworns go together like PB and J! Granting speed at the cost of consistency.

Chaos STUN - 140 Neos - Limit your opponent with hindering LIGHT and DARK monsters, and when their weak, finish them off with you're Chaotic Boss Monsters!

Vayusworn - 100 Neos - Mixing Blackwings and Lightsworn, this deck has high speed, running off the grave for Vayusynchros.

Vayu Turbo - 100 Neos - Pure DARKness always helps to quickly capitalize on an unsuspecting opponent. More combos than Vayusworn.

Blackwings - 110 Neos - These bad birds had their own format! Even the banlist can't stop them.

Rock STUN - 150 Neos - Limiting options through defensive aggression. This deck can annoy your opponent into a coma before you actually finish the duel.

Twilight - 140 Neos - Meshing together Lightsworns and the strongest DARK monsters for unparalleled power, but it always has a chance to backfire.

Kuriboh Khaos - 90 Neos - The cute little fluffball brought friends! And they're stronger than ever.

Chaos Dragons - 140 Neos - The new Dragons have a Chaos theme, let's use them as intended!

Hopeless Dragon - 100 Neos - DARK monsters and Dragons swarm and destroy faster than the opponent can see. If they try to stop you, make use of Counter Traps!

Drought Dragons - 80 Neos - Vanilla Dragons are immune to blistering heat, where your opponents effect monsters won't be! Great control with their overwhelming power.

Disaster Dragons - 150 Neos - A dragon deck built for control and aggro. Versatile and deadly.

Dragonsworn - 140 Neos - Variant of Chaos Dragons, sacrifices consistency, for speed.

Crane Chaos - 150 Neos - Combining Summoner Monk with Sacred Crane for massive plusing. Very consistent using Lavalval Chain.

Fortune Ladies - 140 Neos - Swwarming the field with ever growing Ladies, while disrupting your opponent. Great draw power.

GateHEROes - 140 Neos - Coupling Elemental HEROes and Fusion Gate, it makes The Shining almost costless. Amazing combos and swarming.

OmniHEROes - 140 Neos - Going with the flow is the way for this HERO deck, keeping you're opponent down and stealing their best monsters to make yours!

QuasarHEROes - 150 Neos - Based on the old FF FTK. Make Quasar Dragon with all the fun of HEROes!

Destiny End Burn - 140 Neos - When Destiny End Dragoon hits the field, little can be done about it. It's destiny you'll triumph.

Tengu Destiny Diva - 150 Neos - Amazing draw and synchro power. It combines 3 main synchro engines for the utmost potential.

Quickdraw Dandywarrior - 150 Neos - Protecting yourself with fluff tokens while a 1200 ATK monster attacks directly then retreats to another Dimension.

Quickdraw Quasar - 140 Neos - Dropping Quasar has never been so easy! Also able to go into a multitude of other combos.

Karakuri - 180 Neos - These puppets are anything but limp! Having some of the best matchups this format, their wooden bodies are a force to be reckoned with!

Draginjas - 160 Neos - Ninjas, always plusing off the opponent, and Dragons, swarming from the hand and grave. What's not to love?

Ninja XYZ - 150 Neos - The Ninja Xyzs have powerful OTKs, bringing in MORE Xyzs just make it crazier!

Frog Monarchs - 150 Neos - Almost infinite tribute fodder using Treeborn Frog, your Monarchs will turn your opponent into another feather in your cap.

Frog Gods - 150 Neos - With so much revival, amassing 3 tributes is no problem. The problem is deciding what god you want to win with this time is.

Frog Synchro - 150 Neos - Coupling frogs and the Junk archetype, it opens many small Synchros. But they can easily become bigger ones.

Frog Beatdown - 100 Neos - They may not look like much. But Frogs can pack a real punch on their home turf!

Lancer Frogs - 150 Neos - Abusing Ronintoadin and Poison Draw Frog for pluses everywhere!

D-Frogs - 100 Neos - Des Frogs are easy to summon and swarm themselves. Field Clear then attack for game with the giant D.3.S Frog!

Macro Synchro - 150 Neos - Who needs the grave? Not you! Scout Plane and D.D Survivor are infinite Fodder! Go nuts every turn and you'll still have defenses to spare.

Macro Monarchs - 150 Neos - Abusing the constant reviving of Scout Plane and Survivor, this deck not only stops your opponents graveyard combos, but will destroy their field too!

Level Monarch Synchro - 150 Neos - Monarchs are fun. Synchro decks are fun. Let's double the fun! Quasar is entirely possible.

GustoRam - 150 Neos - The new Gustos have a fun combo. Youre opponent takes all your damage! And your Gustos replace each other, how great!

Gusto Control - 150 Neos - Take a boss monster and give a little birdy. And when that Birdy and destroyed YOU get more monsters!

Lightsworn - 150 Neos- Your average Lightsworns, speed and luck are everything!

ZombieSworn - 150 Neos - Zombies live (so to speak) in the grave, why not get them there faster? Synchro or Xyz like crazy using the grave.

Fifth Gadget - 150 Neos - The only deck permitted to run more than 42 cards. This deck runs at an odd 45, making so you plus everytime off a summoned Gadget, and hindering your opponent by shutting down their plays.

Machina Gadgets - 150 Neos - Simple Machinas with Gadgets for more conistancy. Fun AND competitive.

Offering Gadget - 140 Neos - Swarm the field with unlimited normal summons, then Xyz and attack for game!

Dinorabbit - 190 Neos - A top deck, making Evolzars quick and easy, it stops your opponents plays while you set up for another.

Jurrac - 150 Neos - These blazing Dinos are full of Xyz and Synchro potential! Focuses on weakening the opponents monsters to gain advantage.

Flamsworn - 150 Neos - Using Lightsworns to get FIRE monsters with 200 DEF in the grave and then BOOM! Rekindling get's them all back.

Lavells - 140 Neos - Always plusing, always stopping plays. One of the most Explosive non-Lightsworn decks I've ever seen.

X-sabers - 150 Neos - The sword-wielding puppies are dangerous! Controlling the field and hand until they're ready to finish you off with a long graveyard-fueled synchro spam.

Hornsabers - 150 Neos - Focusing on turning your average monsters into giant beaters, then plussing when they win a battle.

Yubel - 140 Neos - 0/0 doesn't sound to intimidating, it does after the first stage of life! Gains control through aggression.

Chaos Yubel - 100 Neos - Like a Yubel deck, but has Chaos monsters to fall back on should Yubel fail!

Verz - 150 Neos - Limiting options for any deck that doesn't Xyz, they easily recover from a broken field.

Verzbunny - 175 Neos - Using the same tactic as Dinorabbit but more anti-meta. Quick control and recovery.

Sacreds - 150 Neos - New LIGHT archetype based on nromal summoning for plussing. The rate their Xyzs are dropped is insane.

Dark Worlds - 150 Neos - You know these. Discarding for effects and all that. Amazingly easy to OTK with.

Agents - 175 Neos - You know these. Normal Agent build, boss monsters everywhere.

Counter Fairies - 150 Neos - Using some old faires that give bonuses when you use Counter traps! Stops your opponent then answers with small fairies attacking together.

Darklords - 140 Neos - The YCS prize archetype can finally be used! Swarming hard from grave and hand, these fairies are anything but sparkly.

Six Samurai - 150 Neos - Sams got hurt by the list, but they still work! Plussing in draws a presence from constant swarming.

Gishki Handcontrol - 150 Neos - The new WATER archetype is great at disrupting field and hard. This deck combos, making your opponent run almost handless all the time.

Gishki Beatdown - 150 Neos - Focuses more on disrupting the field, this deck returns the monsters your opponent work to put on the field right back to the deck, and makes sure you have a nice beater too!

Xyzombies - 150 Neos - Swarming the field with the Undead then overlaying into powerful Xyz monsters! Blue Nosferatu adds amazing power to this deck.

Black Merchant - 140 Neos - Runs 2-3 spells and Magical Merchant. Dumps all your deck which is 3 of each Skull Servant card and a multitude of Zombies.

Gladitator Beasts (AHL) - 140 Neos - Most competitive Glads there are. Has a 49% chance to make Gyzarus with the opening hand!

Fableds - 150 Neos - Discards for amazing pluses. Similar to Dark Worlds but synchro oriented.

Falcon Control - 140 Neos - By abusing the self-bounce effect of Mist Valley Falcon, it makes instant removal, amazing lock downs, and answers to most plays/

GemKnights - 150 Neos - This deck is made to plus off of summons, while constantly reusing Gem-Knight Fusion for more summons!

GemCitrine OTK - 150 Neos - Just like Gemknights but has other ways to get proper Fusion Fodder.

Infinite ATK Superbeat - 100 Neos - A 3 card combo that grants Genex Ally Bellflame an infinite amount of ATK points.

Infinite LP - 100 Neos - A 3 card combo that gives your infinite amounts of Life Points...

Gravekeepers - 150 Neos - Shutting off the Graveyard with Necrovalley and destroying cards and then adding another copy of the tributee to the hand.

T.G Synchro - 140 Neos - T.Gs have powerful Accel Synchros, which one will YOU summon?

T.G Drain - 150 Neos - Using the 3 main T.G monsters (Rhino/Striker/Wolf) With Skill Drain and other Beasts, it makes for a very simple game. I have the highest number.

Malefic Virus/Drain - 150 Neos - Using the extra deck Malefics for Virus targets, it cuts off your opponents combos and leaves them defenseless.

Naturia Control - 100 Neos - By using Naturias to stop the opponents combos, you'll surely win. And if not, your card are ADORABLE!

Naturia Burn - 100 Neos - Similar to Gustoram, attack and your opponent will take the damage!

Chain Burn - 150 Neos - Cheap deck and easy to use, by chaining card after card, you make everything for you more powerful.

Reverse Burn - 140 Neos - By using Bad Reaction to Simochi, you convert any gained life into direct damage! Think twice before accepting a gift...

Payment Burn - 150 Neos - By adding a cost to everything, it slows the game down, also good for torturing new players.

Divine Tengu - 150 Neos - Abusing the power of Tengu, bouncing, and Diving Wind of Mist Valley to swarm from your deck! Synchros have never been so easily accessed

Spell FTK - 140 Neos - Uses draw cards to get your deck to the hand/grave, then synchros into Tempest Magician to burn away all 8000 of your opponents life points!

Summoner of Illusions Beatdown/Burn/Otk - 140 Neos - Using stall cards until you set Summoner of Illusions and then attack your opponent with an army of unstoppable Fusion monsters!

Nordics - 150 Neos - This deck is based around summoning the Lords of Aesir. For each god the build is slightly different, but a god on the field means victory is almost assured!

Ponies - 130 Neos - A miniarchetype of Beast Synchros released in DREV. This deck drops many of them and uses their effects to the fullest!

Incas - 130 Neos - Also called 'Moon and Sky'. This deck summons the Inca Dragons with easy and makes an almost unstoppable loop. Also is able to drop level 8 synchros efficently.

Chimeratech OTK - 140 Neos - Using Future Fusion and Overload Fusion to make an unstoppable 6 digit ATK Chimeratech Overdragon!

Fire and Ice, Baby Beatdown - 140 Neos - These little guys may not look like much now, but everytime they attack, they get stronger! Stall you opponent until your 'babies' are stronger than greatest monster!

Vanilla Exodia - 90 Neos - Exodia build, made to draw your deck by 3rd or 4th turn by using Heart of the Underdog! Also using a pseudo Beatdown/Synchro strategy.

Exodia FTK - 150 Neos - Amasses draw and stall power to draw your deck in 1-3 turns. Exodia... Obliterate!

Exodia Stall - 150 Neos - Uses a LOT of stalling cards to survive your opponents beating, then let Exodia do all the work.

Final Countdown - 140 Neos - A combination of Stall and deterent cards to allow 20 turns to pass so quickly, your opponent won't know it's over until the last Candle goes out.

OjamaGachi - 130 Neos - Coupling the ATK/DEF switch of Ojamas with Gachi Gachi! This deck can OTK and is a pain to break the field of.

Infernities - 130 Neos - Back and nastier than ever. This deck has a crazy combo that drops 3 level 9 synchros and sets up complete control! These guys run handless, so it can be uncomfortable for some players.

Inzektors - 125 Neos - This bionac insectoids from the future are an amazing archetype! Controlling and plussing off destroying your opponents card by equipping themselves to each other and using them as weapons.

Inzek-Ups - 125 Neos - Combining the level 3 Inzektors and the Wind-Up Hunter loop, this deck clears the field of resistance, then makes your opponent send (not discard) their hand to the grave!

Inzekjas - 190 Neos - My own unique Inzektor build, it combines the old Ninjitsu Art of Transformation with the new Ninjas to easily grab whatever Inzektor for my deck I need.

Froktors - 140 Neos - Using Frogs and Inzektors doesn't sound like it'll work but it does! Using Isect Imitation on a Ronintoadin gives you any of the base Inzektors you need!

Watts - 150 Neos - Stalling your opponent and attacking directly with Watt monsters! They gain control quickly through effects and creative lockdowns.

If you need anything NOT listed, ask anyway! XD

Last edited by HollowNinja on Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:32 pm; edited 2 times in total

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2 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:51 am


Utopia Ray Leader
Could you help me build inzektors and inzekt-ups?

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3 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:55 pm


you have to post a price for each one bro!

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4 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:34 pm


Steelswarm Roach Leader
Sorry about that one Illmatic, I missed it. Descriptions and prices have been added.

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5 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:15 pm


u good homes n dnt worry

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6 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:41 pm


Steelswarm Roach Leader

Ill help you with whatever you need Smile

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7 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:42 pm

Hey ill take plants, vayusworn, and chaos dragon for a grand total of 330 neos.

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8 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:14 pm


i wud like the Chimeratech OTK deck build for 140 Neos please n thank u

jux pm it to me on here n ill giv u the neos

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9 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:18 pm


Utopia Ray Leader
I would like macro monarchs, and what is your name in DN?

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10 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:35 pm


Steelswarm Roach Leader
yugiohmania827 wrote:Hey ill take plants, vayusworn, and chaos dragon for a grand total of 330 neos.

PMed to you all 3 decklists.

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11 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:47 am


Both macro decks: (monarch and synchro) please XD.

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12 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:00 am

quickdraw quasar please

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13 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:53 pm


Steelswarm Roach Leader
Sent to everyone, enjoy your decks!

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14 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:20 pm

inzektors and inzek-up

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15 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:49 pm


let me grab plz
spell ftk
malefic virus/drain
quick draw quasar
infinite lp
for total of:655neos pm them to me n ill send ur neos bro

plz n thanks

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16 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Tue Jan 24, 2012 4:20 pm


Steelswarm Roach Leader
Decks sent. Enjoy.

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17 Re: Hollowninja's Deckshop of *Poof* on Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:12 am


thanks bt i sent u a message saying i cant view the whole decks so yea ull see in the message lol

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