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Richbonner93's Top Tier Killer Deck Shop

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1 Richbonner93's Top Tier Killer Deck Shop on Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:50 am


If you were on the other academy I know I used the same name for this shop as the that one, but it's a cool name so I have to use it again lol.
Anyway, here are the current decks that I have for sale, Please purchase responsibly Wink .
Sacred XYZ: 200 Neos
This deck is absolutely amazing. With the new XYZ cards, this deck has one of the best engines for XYZ summoning insanely tough monsters. I promise if you don't enjoy this deck I will pay you back, but I know you will.

XYZ Gadgets: 200 Neos
If you haven't noticed, I love XYZ monsters, and this deck is proof of the best way to XYZ summon and swarm the field. The offering gadget engine is the most useful way to XYZ swarming the field for possible OTKs.

Flamvell Synchro: 100 Neos
This deck is really good for quick Synchros and is very fun to play. Very easy to use and is competitive.

Wetlands Deck: 100 Neos
This is a ver fun deck to play. With the main field card, all of your monster will become massive beaters and will take down the opponrnt in a flash.

Psychics: 100 Neos
This deck isn't super competitive but it's still fun to play, using its original idea to quickly Accel Synchro Summon its powerful monsters.

Gem-Knights: 150 Neos
These cards are very good, using the Geminis and some of the new fusions, including the powerful Master Dia

Monster Swarm: 175 Neos
A very powerful deck style, Monster Swarm decks can create almost instant Synchros and XYZ monsters to devastate the opponent.

Malefic Dimensional Eatos: 200 Neos
This deck is a combination of 2 different deck styles: Malefic decks use massive beaters to destroy the opponent and Dimensional Eatos decks have an anti-Meta feel that banish cards and can summon massive monsters with ease. This combination results in a tough anti-meta beat down to face.

Stargunity/Stardust Assault: 200 Neos
This deck is revolved around Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, which is a super Stardust that can negate any card. This deck uses both the Dragunity and Flamvell engines to quickly Synchro for Lv. 8 and possible Assault Modes.

Synchrons: 125 Neos
This deck uses the Synchron monsters and their Warrior counterparts to destroy everything in their path. Still in testing stages.

I will be putting up more decks as time goes by but for now I think this is plenty. Please enjoy these decks and have fun everyone Very Happy .

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