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Crush World, I See What You Have There

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1 Crush World, I See What You Have There on Fri Jan 20, 2012 5:00 pm


Steelswarm Roach Leader
This is a fun DW build that started from a hand control deck.

It's made to make the opponent lose all threats in the hand and keep constant pressure with DWs.

A fun combo is Exchange -> Dragged Down. I set all spells/traps so they're forced to take a DW monster, then I Dragged Down, choosing the DW monster I just gave them! Since they activate in the grave their effects will go off for me, a nice 2-for-1.

Alternatively, I will Dragged Down a possible threat, then let them sit on a useless DW monster.

The Wind-Up Hunter loop was included for the further hand control, making them discard 3+ on opening turn is really fun, and makes the rest of deck go by smoothly. It also goes with the whole theme of You-Have-No-Good-Hand Razz

Any comments, questions, or suggestions will be appreciated.

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